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A lost letter found, an unknown love still lost
Let me tell you my story, I was institutionalized a few months ago, during my stay in the psychiatric hospital a girl gave me a love letter, I couldn't respond to it, because the medication made me really depressed and dull. Not to mention the fact that due to my condition I was reduced to a zombie-like sate and practically walked in circles all day long without any contact with anyone else. When I got out I still was in a zombie like state, it took many months of intensive drug treatments to put me into a semi-coherent state. Now thanks to the drug "lorafen" (Lorazepam) I'm able to function, maybe in a crippled way, but FUNCTION!. Anyway... I digress. The point being I've found the letter she gave me. I've read it just now for the first time. She wrote that she fell in love with me from the first sight, and that we're meant from each other etc. Well, all that's swell and peachy, but the problem is that she signed the letter using only her name. - Aleksandra. If only she would have use her surname AND name. How will I be able to find the person who's possibly the love of my life if I only have a name? I don't even know where she lives, or her age, I don't even recall what she looked like. I was so drugged up during my stay at the hospital I was pretty much reduced to an animal. .... How can I find Alexandra?


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