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Religious belief
My religious belief is similar to Laplaces "I have no need for that hypothesis". I personally think pascal was a coward, i mean it's true if we look in a strictly opportunistic (and highly cowardly, and one might say hypocritical. Because he indirectly stated that he only believes in god so he wouldn't go to hell) then pascal's wager is actually offensive to anyone who trully believes in god. I personally think that if god exists and is really that powerful he doesn't care about an ant on his plant. I mean if he's so big what are we to him? Nothing more than ants. And do you think if an ant believes in you? I don't think so. I think it's highly arrogant of us to assume that if there was a creator he cares what we think about him. I personally think that I don't have the authority to judge weather or not there is a god or not, and that it is irrelevant to my life or to anyone else's life to contemplate that question. Of course there is sometimes a psychological benefit in believing in god. The AA is an example. (Even though it's not really proven to work)(At least if you believe Penn and Teller). Another example I could cite from osho (OH what a source to defend christianity!) from his book "Vigyan Bhairav Tantra" the book of the secrets, in which he explains that blind devotion might actually lead to enlightenment. I personally don't think that's the method for me, it might be for some, but not for me, and I believe everyone has the right to think what he wants when he wants. I'm not a skeptic from to have a science fetish and to believe that god doesn't exists, I'm also not a strictly an agnostic because I do not assume there has to be some higher power. I just don't think I have the competence to judge that, and neither do I believe anyone else has, so there's no need for that hypothesis.


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